Progress once again

We finally made progress on the stand. We’ve spent the last two Saturdays welding at Will’s house. We still have one more half-day of welding to go until it will be finished, but all that is left are the corner braces and the mount points for the plywood.

The stand is turning out to be quite a beast. One person may be able to lift it on their own, but it’s quite large, which makes it awkward.

Here’s a few pictures of the progress and a short video of Will laying a bead on one of the corners.

0716161213b_HDR 0716160832_HDR 0709160932a_HDR

Hope for the future

Assuming everything goes well, we should finally start welding up the stand on Saturday.

We won’t finish all the welding in one day, but we are hoping to have it finished by the 16th. If that happens, then I should be able to start the roughing-in for testing that afternoon.

The funny thing is, this is the first I’ve really thought about the tank since my last post. I have all this equipment lying around doing nothing. Most of the initial energy for the build has gone and a very small part of me wonders why I’m still moving forward with the build. I’m pretty sure once we get the stand finished, those doubts will disappear and I’ll be back into ‘crazy build mode’ again.

Looking through my notes and at the website has reminded me how much I still have left to do, but at the same time, I’m very happy I did as much design work up front as I have. It should make it much easier to pick up where I left off this weekend.