No leaks, but big OOPS

I came home from work to find that the new pump housing was delivered for the closed loop pump. I also had a happy surprise at work that the new mag-drive for the wavemaker was delivered. I spent part of the evening installing the new hardware and hooking everything up for a test of the wavemaker.

I knew I should have stopped testing when the first thing I did was not line up the O-ring on the union for the pump correctly. I had a nasty drip and immediately had to drain the pump to reseat the union.

I went ahead and moved forward with testing. I found there was another small leak on one of the returns from the wavemaker, but I proceeded with the test anyways. I hooked up all the return lines and turned everything on. The wavemaker worked great


As I was adjusting the returns, I found out that the one return that was leaking was because I did something silly… like forgot to glue the fitting. The fitting popped off and the pump started spraying water all over the garage. I estimate about 15-20 gallons made it out of the pipe before I got everything unplugged. I called it a night after this and went back inside the house. I’ll glue the fitting back on tonight and be ready to turn everything back on tomorrow after making sure everything is dry. I haven’t sealed the plywood yet, so I’ll probably end up making a new floor for the stand.

0829161941a 0829161941