There is a light!

We’re getting very very close to getting water in this thing!

The tank is on the stand inside the house and all of the stand work has been re-installed.

I got the platform built in the backyard for the water storage and got the fresh and saltwater storage plumbed. I ran out of 2x6s for the spacers for the waste water storage. I need to rinse out the water storage and then I’m ready to start making the water for the tank.

Finally, I got the canopy finished and got the first coat of paint on the inside of the canopy. I need to put a second coat of white on the inside and put two coats of black on the outside to finish the canopy.

If everything goes smoothly this week, I should be able to start putting water in the tank next weekend. I was hoping to get water in the tank mid-week, but the wife is going out of town so it’s just me and the two munchkins.

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