New Year Update and Fish

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last updated. In that time, we’ve added our first fish and had our first casualty.

On December 28th we added a hermit crab, a matted filefish and a citrinus clown goby.

On January 1st, we lost the matted filefish. I never really saw him eat anything and he barely picked at any of the aptasia in the tank.

I also had a big problem with the Citrinus goby taking plumbing rides to the sump. He did it three times in 2 days. Once was even after I tried putting filter floss in the overflow to block it.

Finally I ended up getting some light diffuser material from Lowe’s and wrapping that in the filter floss. He hasn’t gone for a pipe ride since.

The plan is to add a fish or two each month until the tank is stocked. Corals will be added here and there as well.

Here’s the obligatory pictures: