More Fish and First Real Freeze

I added some more livestock to the tank over the weekend.

I added 1 of each of the following:

* Bi-color Blennie
* Golden Headed Sleeper Goby
* Engineering Goby
* Skunk Cleaner shrimp

The Citrinis Clown Goby has been much more active since adding the other fish. He’s been following the engineering goby around the tank. I don’t know if he’s being territorial or just curious. He came close to the other fish a couple of times, but I haven’t seen him nip or anything.

The Bi-Color blennie does what they always do… he’s camped out on various perches watching the other inhabitants in the tank.

The Sleeper goby immediately swam into the rockwork. He’s since been busy building a tunnel from the front to the back of the largest rock. He was out sifting sand shortly after making his new home.

The skunk shrimp went into the rock work as well. I’ve seen him out a few times, but he’s mostly staying out of view.

I’ve been able to find my peppermint shrimp using a flashlight during the day to peek under some of the rocks. I don’t know how many are still under there from the original 3… mostly because I don’t know if I keep seeing the same one, or different ones.

On a side note… Freezes are REALLY bad to water setups outside. I need to rig up some type¬†of pump to circulate water in the storage containers when it drops to freezing. Right now I have the salt-water mixing pump running, but I don’t have anything in the fresh water. It got above freezing just long enough yesterday for me to get 10 gallons of water out of it for the top-off tank.

When I opened the doors to my outside storage, I saw that the freeze caused two of the canisters on the RODI to freeze and break. I’ll have to order new ones. I’ll just take the new canisters off and bring them inside when it looks like it’s going to freeze.