Night Light

I bought a blue night-light for the aquarium. It’s a little 8″ LED light designed for smaller tanks. It’s just about perfect as a night-light on my larger tank. I think it might be a bit bright, so I’ll print some clips to cover part of the tube and limit the number of bulbs.

Right now I have the light placed on the ledge of the aquarium pointing up at the reflector on the light.

For only $10 it’s working really well. I’m pretty much leaving it on 24-7 as the main T5’s easily overpower it during the day. It keeps me from having to write any type of program for turning it on/off. It has a manual switch that I can reach up and turn it off if I need to.

There are some other lights on in the room when I took this picture. It was hard to get the camera to focus with just the blue light on.