Lots of changes going on

I finally added the chiller to the fish tank. It’s running quite a few times each day.

I added a cleaner wrasse and some pajama cardinals to the tank. The cleaner wrasse tormented the cardinals until they were all gone… then it tormented my sleeper goby until it died… then the cleaner wrasse died.

Once all those died, I noticed an algae bloom. Probably because I couldn’t find the sleeper gobie’s body. I did a few water changes but I think it’s still decomposing as the green star polyps are not fully extending.

I did go ahead and add a dragon goby to help keep the sand turned over. I was going to get another sleeper goby, but the store was out.

The engineering goby is getting bigger. His stripes have switched from horizontal to vertical. I’ll try to get a picture in the next feeding. I notice he’s venturing out a lot farther during feeding time too.

Lastly, I added a web cam to the environment. I’m still working on getting remote viewing to work.