The Journey Begins

We started our new Reef adventure this weekend by picking up a bunch of used equipment from a coworker. He had pretty much an entire Reef tank setup ready to go minus a stand and plumbing. The tank is a 120 Gallon Cube that is 30″x30″x31″. The stand will be custom built from steel to try and house all the equipment underneath.

I drove over to his house and collected the parts on Saturday. It was a tight fit, but it all managed to fit into our little SUV.



After I got home, it was time to unload, inventory, and test all the equipment. My 5 year old daughter played a huge part in helping me test all the pumps by collecting them and bringing them to me one by one. Some of the pumps didn’t turn on, so I’ll have to take them apart to see why.

Sunday afternoon we managed to get the tank to the backyard for a leak test. The tank itself has been sitting for a year or two and we want to make sure it’s still water tight.


So far, everything is looking good. I woke up this morning and the tank is still full of water.