First Outage from the Automated Aquarium

Had the first outage due to the Automated Aquarium this last week.

The relay for the heaters stopped working. I got an email that the temperature in the tank had dipped below 75 degrees. I got home from work to a tank that was at 74 degrees. I did some quick troubleshooting. Then I ran an extension chord from a close-by wall outlet and plugged the heaters straight into the wall.

I ordered a new relay board and on Sunday spent 15 minutes swapping the bad board with the new one.

Now I have a ‘bad’ 8 channel board that I can take my time replacing just the relay on it.

I was thinking about picking up a third heater, setting it’s temp to 75 degrees and plugging it straight into the wall. That way if the relay dies again, it will keep it from dipping too low. Since my controller is set to come on at 76, this heater should never run except if the relay dies again.

Honestly, the 74 degrees wasn’t too bad.

I took some pics, but there’s nothing to really look at. It’s jus a sainsmart relay board sitting in an electrical box.

No livestock was lost due to the chillier temps.

Animal Growth and Water Storage

About this time last year it froze outside and my water storage burst pipes. I told myself that I’d add a second pump to the fresh water storage so that I could recirculate the water in the tanks when it froze. I never got around to making this change, so I ended up doing it on Saturday in 40º temperatures.

The pump was added very hastily and it shows in the quality of the work and the amount of purple primer you see on the pipes.

Livestock-wise, everything is going well. I did have a mushroom split, so now there’s three.

I also got some more YouTube videos created of the starfish flipping over and another feeding: