Replumbing the Ocean’s Motions

It was a very long and busy day yesterday, but I managed to squeeze in some time finally fixing the tank.

The Ocean’s Motions had locked up again due to sand a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to properly fix it until now.

Part of the problem I had with keeping it clean was that I did a bad job of originally designing that part of the system. I never accounted for having to drain that part of the tank or having to remove it. I’ve removed it once before for cleaning and it was brutal.

This go around, I decided to move the Ocean’s Motions to the top of the tank. I also threaded in a 1/4″ NPT valve at the bottom to allow me to drain that part of the pipe easier.

The hardest part of replumbing the tank was trying to keep the glue from falling in the sump. It looks good now, and I think it will work a lot better than it used to. It seems to have more flow, which would make sense with the larger 1.5″ pipe running more distance.