Started Plumbing the System

I got quite a bit of the plumbing done this weekend. I started on Saturday and quickly started running out of materials. Then I hit a snag. I found out the bulkhead I got for the closed loop was not quite big enough for 2″ PVC to go in to.

I ended up pulling out the lathe, making a plug for the 2″ PVC to go on, and then taking just enough off so that it would slide into the drain. Once all done, I put it back on the tank.

Once I had that fixed, it was time to continue plumbing the rest of the pumps. By the end of the day Sunday, I had all of the drains for the over flow done and both inlets into the two pumps plumbed.

Left to do is plumb the return from the main pump, the manifold for the equipment on the main pump, and the return through the Ocean’s Motions for the closed loop.