Slow Progress

Not a lot of work got done on the tank this weekend. I think my garage is even dirtier than when I started this process with more piles of ‘parts’ everywhere. I’ve been slowly acquiring PVC parts as I design various phases of the setup.

I received the perfboard for the Arduino and started soldering up the connections. I only got a few done.

We made more progress on the stand. We worked for about 2.5 hours. We got the rest of the legs cut and we got the pieces for the shelf cut. We had to reconfigure the bandsaw for the 45 degree cuts. We found that it took almost a good 10 minutes to setup, cut, teardown each 45 degree cut. I think we’re looking at almost another full day’s worth of work to finish cutting the rest of the pieces.

I took the kids to Lowe’s on Saturday to do their ‘Build and Grow’ workshop. The kids had a blast. Afterwards we walked over to the Acrylic section and I found that they had .22″ Acrylic in 2’x4′ pieces. I bought one and we managed to cram it into the backseat of the car with the kids. Once home, I started working on cutting the pieces for an inner and outerbox for the BeanAnimal overflow. I don’t have any Weldon 4, so I had to order that before I can finish gluing up the box.

Sunday was spent working on the pool, so no progress was made on the tank.

Can’t wait for some of these many little projects to start accumulating into one beautiful display.

Here’s some quick pics of the minor progress that was made this weekend.