Just another plumbing update

Don’t expect much else for the next few days. Really, all I have is plumbing. Lots of plumbing. The canopy still needs to be built and the rest of the box for the electronics for the controller, but mostly it’s just plumbing.

Last night I was able to finish off the main return from the primary pump and I was able to get the Ocean’s Motions wave maker mounted. I decided to mount it horizontally. This allowed me to use J hooks on one side to support most of the weight and some zip ties on the motor side to support the rest. I also moved the fill fitting for pre-filling the main pump from the top of the return down to the top of the inlet pipe. I didn’t like how high it stuck out over the top of the tank. It’s not like the pipe would fill with water any higher than the U-tube over the edge of the sump anyways.

I have 4 more plumbing runs to dry fit and then I’ll be ready to start gluing it all together. I never thought it would take me 2 weeks to plumb one fish tank. The back of the tank is starting to look like spaghetti. Making everything fit and still clear all the unions and ball valves has been interesting to say the least.

Here’s some updated photos for you to gander at.