We have water!

And only some of it is on the ground

Got the plumbing all done and got the aquarium filled.

Running into a couple of problems that I’ll have to work out.

1) Getting used equipment usually means finding out what works and what doesn’t. After getting everything hooked up I found out that the smaller pump and the ocean’s motions both leak. I’m wondering if the ocean’s motions devices have problems being mounted sideways? I emailed the company to find out. The device seems to be leaking out of a little hole on the side. Need to figure out what this is for and why it would be leaking out of there.

2) Some of my plumbing leaks. Not much. A drip every other minute or so. And the over flow box I bought has a little drip in the corner. about 1 drip per minutes.

The overflow box I can probably seal by draining it and putting a bead of silicone in it and running some more acrylic glue into the corner.

Not sure what to do for the other PVC fittings… re-do? silicone? put some glue on the outside and squeeze?

3) micro-bubbles. The main return is throwing micro-bubbles everywhere. I’m thinking it’s probably because I forgot to put a bubble trap on the last overflow into the last section of the sump. I’ll need to drain the sump and add one.

Good things?

1) The Beananimal overflow works. I threw a quick acrylic lid on the external box and there’s only the slightest noise.

2) The main pump, while overkill, can easily be turned down with the ball valve and easily drives all the equipment in the sump as well as the main return. There is a decent hum, but I think once the sides are on the stand it will be much quieter. Most of the sound seems to come from the pump side and not the motor side. If the neighbor’s AC is running (locate right by my garage), then I almost couldn’t hear the pump.

3) The sump is more than adequate to hold all the water that drains back. I have about 4-5 inches left in the top of the sump when everything is off.

It also looks like I still have plenty of room under the stand for my controller. Adding a top-off tank is going to be tight.

Pictures from the day: