We have Water!

It took two days of making water and three batches of adding salt, but the tank is full!

I also wiped out all the old data in the database, so the logs will only show actual reef data.

Lastly, I did a lot of little projects that needed to be done. I made a lid for the top-off tank, got more paint on the canopy, installed the cabinet lighting, and cleaned up the rest of the wiring.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to clean the sand before putting it in the tank. Well, that’s not 100% true… I remembered after I was half way through putting the sand in the tank and decided to just keep going. I’ll need to read up on ways of cleaning out the sand. I’m thinking of filling my second reactor with cotton balls and seeing if that will help filter it all out.

I  still needed something to house the top-off water, so I did some measuring and found out that 10 gallon aquarium would fit perfect on the side of the stand. I went and picked one up after work on Thursday.

Anyways, here’s the pictures.